dr. ir. Sofie Haesaert


My research interests are in the verifiable design of cyber-physical systems using data-driven and model-based techniques.

Tools and methods for the design of safety-critical cyber-physical systems

Increasing computational power and communication capacity allows us to design more and more intricated systems in which the physical domain is interwoven with the digital world. How do we design these systems in a safety critical fashion?

The paper that I wrote together with Sadegh Soudjani and Alessandro Abate on Temporal logic control of general Markov decision processes by approximate policy refinement has been presented at ADHS 2018 in Oxford. I also recently published a journal article on this topic.

Safety-Critical Autonomy and Verification for Uncertain Environments

The goal of this project is to develop a mathematical language to bridge the gap between high-level mission specifications and low-level control algorithms under partial and uncertain real-world environment representation.
Due to the growing complexity and uncertainty in future space missions, autonomy is a crucial ability required for mission success. We focus on multi-asset missions (teams of robots). Of particular interest is the cooperative team consisting of a ground rover and a copter for exploration.

Synthesizing flight software (FSW) discrete controllers from formal specifications

The objective of this project is to improve the autocoding of discrete controllers starting from formal specifications.

Selected Publications

My most recent published work can be found via google scholar.

Selected Publications